Treasure Island

The Cast & Crew


Mrs Hawkins Dee Harris

Kittie Natthakarn Apps

Jim Hawkins Sharon Richards

Squire Trelawney Nigel Venning

Jenny Trelawney Alice Parmar

Seadog Sam Louise Davidson

Seaweed Willy Ade Bowen

Billy Bones Peter Nicholls

Long John Silver Peter Gibbon

Blood Boiler James Fear

Phat Butcher Tim Clarke

The Fridge Scott Morris

Polly Pam Hillier

Mrs Henderson Morag Edwards

Mrs Parker Tina Sherwood

Mrs Carter-Brown Glenise Masters

Mrs Dodd Kathy Strong

Miss Normington Jacqui Hall-Scott

Ben Gunn William Hallworth

Captain Bloodheart David Shephard

Mini Pirates

William Clarke

Scarlett Davidson

Bobbie Merrett

Isabella Fieldhouse

Francesca Gundry-White

Dominik Sierka

Amber Fear


Director Simon Lee

Assistant Director Scarlett Blair

Choreography Sharon Richards

Set Design Nick Green, Derek Fear, Steve Shrewsbury, Scarlett Blair,

Marketing Tim Clarke

Wardrobe Louise Davidson, Brenda Shrewsbury

Lighting and Sound Scott Morris, Scarlett Blair

Props Derek Fear, Brenda Shrewsbury, Steve Shrewsbury,

Prompt Brenda Shrewsbury

Refreshments Carol Fuller, Sandie Gibbon

Front of House Sue Morris, George Frost, Carol Fuller

Came and saw Treasure Island last night with my daughters.  Well, what can I say…absolutely brilliant.  Cast were amazing and funny.  Had us laughing through the entire show.  Can’t wait to see next year’s show.  Well done to all involved“.


Vanessa Louise

The Director

Simon Lee

The Programme